As if moving itself weren't a feat in itself, adding children to the task can make it seem impossible. Let me be frank, I have 6 kids, I have actually moved 8 times in the past 12 years encompassing the East Coast (in addition to a 3 year relocate to Hawaii) of the United States. I guess, I could be a professional at moving with munchkins. I have m… Read More

Come May and you generally think of Mom's Day, May poles, flowers and Cinco de Mayo. Did you likewise know that it's the kick-off to the busiest time of year when most of us move to new houses? Yes, May is National Moving Month. Put down your posies and pick-up those cardboard boxes. Even better, prior to you start packing, now's the perfect time t… Read More

Even under the ideal scenarios, packing up your life and house can be overwhelming and very time consuming. If you are trying to stage and offer your home, attempting to make your house appearance appealing while it's littered with boxes and loading peanuts can seem downright difficult.Luckily, you can do a number of things to make your house look … Read More